This will be the first and, likely, last time you will see this warning, so please listen up. Many of the topics I cover here will be offensive in some manner or another. While they may or may not reflect my values, they will always represent my ethics.

I will not hold your hand and tell you what's going to be offensive or not, nor will I provide CWs or TWs in-blog because I believe shielding oneself from such content has the potential to make one weak. That's not to say there's no place for them! I'm just going off what is authentic to myself and my life-experiences.

This disclaimer, overall, will be your singular Content and Trigger Warning.

The disclaimer: This blog is for motivational, educational, entertainment, and informative purposes… okay, mostly. See below.

The concept: You can expect to see a loud-ass guy making loud-ass videos and blog posts to help and entertain a certain kind of person — those who are considered ‘at-risk’ and ‘damaged’. I, myself, have always been an at-risk person. I'm damaged goods. When I was in school, faculty members were always asking me how I'm doing and if there's anything they can do to help me. And me, I was always like, "Yeah, no. I'm good. I got this far on my own and can make it the rest of the way just fine."

It's those at-risk and damaged people that I create this content for because it's that group I fully belong to. The people who feel so out of place that they've never felt like they fit in. The people who wake up every day alone and afraid because nobody else understands them. The people who are actively pushed away by those who value group-ideology1 above personal ideology2.

Ergo, people similar to me.

The politics: {Oh, man. Here's where I'm gonna get a whole heap of shit.} There are no political machinations here whatsoever. Same goes with religion. I speak to people on all sides of the proverbial aisle. No matter what, though, there are going to be people who take issue with the concepts presented here or the way they're presented or the fact that I cuss and smoke in my fuckin' videos. All I can say is — maybe you're not within the target audience.

I don't have a problem with people who disagree with me. Hell, I encourage people to disagree with me because then we can start a discussion. Let's have that dialogue that may open our minds to what the other is saying. That's why I have no team! I have no team so I can talk with everyone else about their teams.

The method: Speaking on topics that I know about, am learning about, or want to learn about. Talking about the shit I've gone through over the course of my life and revealing the life lessons that I had to learn the hard way. Ranting about certain topics that may not be entirely relatable to everybody. Sometimes taking things to a hyperbolic measure every now and then. However, what you'll see here… is me.

See, I used to speak at school assemblies for at-risk youth in the Northern Nevada region and parts of the Eastern California area. These talks usually involved telling my story about how I survived the things I did, what I learned from these experiences, what not to do in the future, and how my audience can take comfort in the fact that there are fucked up people just like them who understand what it's like to be an at-risk person. Very often, I would have meet-and-greets after these assemblies that would go on for hours where I'd listen to these kids tell their stories to me, and then I'd learn something!

Now, I don't do speaking engagements like that any more. Hell, if I were to speak at a school in current year about the shit I've gone through, there would be so many offended students and parents who'd only be offended because they don't know any better. You know the ones I'm talking about — the sheltered kids and their umbrella parents. However, my points still haven't changed. My life experiences are still true. I just put on a different metaphorical hat. My videos will, over time, become more organized and resemble those done by ScaryDAve of the Church of DAve. Again, see below.

The inspiration: The person who most inspires this content is ScaryDAve of the Church of DAve. DAve's videos saved my ass at a time when I was at my lowest point.

This guy.

There. You've been disclaimed.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License