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RevRant - Shemagh Tutorials Q&A 1 posted on 18 Sep 2020 17:57
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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I got the same question from twelve different people, so here's my response.

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Shemagh Tutorial - Bedouin Wrap 3rd Configuration posted on 17 Sep 2020 18:15
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Yep. Not much to write.

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Shemagh Tutorial Playlist! posted on 17 Sep 2020 17:38
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Shit, I completely forgot that Playlist Embeds are a thing!

Here's the official playlist for my Shemagh Tutorials! This playlist should update in realtime, so I may put up a side-page specifically for it… or even make a separate WikiDot page for this project altogether!

Anyway, here's the playlist:

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Shemagh Tutorial - The British SAS Wrap posted on 14 Sep 2020 19:49
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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I don't actually feel like writing up a thing today, so here's the video.

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Shemagh Tutorial - The Pirate posted on 10 Sep 2020 22:23
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Hell, this is an easy one that anyone can follow. I guess I'm on a bit of a roll here.

There's a reason I'm not spacing these out, by the way, but I'll discuss it in an upcoming rant video.

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Whoops 2: Accidental Boogaloo posted on 09 Sep 2020 21:49
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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So, to continue on from a previous entry wherein I discussed the idea that wearing a Shemagh is thought, by some, to be cultural appropriation, I've recently discussed it with some Arab and Arab-descended friends to get a better grasp on things. In this entry, I will provide excerpts from these conversations1.

In my first conversation, I spoke with Steve2 and his father3. Steve was one of the first people to introduce me to the lifestyles and cultures of Arabic people, and it was an honor to meet his father.

We discussed this topic over coffee prepared in the traditional way.

Me: So, what is your view on American people of non-Arab lineage wearing traditional Arab clothing?

Steve: Well, you know I don't mind it. What do you think, dad?

Steve's father: This clothing comes from a long history and heritage. Their place in time may be shifting, but their place in the world is not.

Me: Can you elaborate, please?

Steve's father: Yes. Arabic people had many different ways of living, different religions and traditions, and different styles of clothing. When it came time to modernize, many nations and tribes assimilated the new modern life while some did not. Think of it this way — in Egypt, there are but a few who still worship the old gods whereas the vast majority now worship Allah. This is a similar path to Arab clothing! Many left the traditional garb of their tribes and began wearing more "Westernized" clothing. Yet some still hold pieces of the old traditions. The Ghutra4 is one of those.

Steve's father: The increasing popularity of the Ghutra and other Arab clothing in the West is noticeable, and it is helping to bring Arab culture to more and more people. So, in no way do I hate non-Arabs for wearing the Ghutra. It is, however, unfortunate that some would rather treat it as a mulhiq almuda5 than a tool to be used.

My second conversation was with Harold, a second-generation Iraqi-American. This conversation was held over Discord's chat feature, not voice. This is a direct, slightly edited, copy-pasta from that conversation.

Harold: Hey, man… sure it irritates me every time I see that [BRITISH CIGARETTE] Johnny Depp flaunting a Shemagh around his neck like some sort of fashionable scarf. Fuck him!

Harold: The way you wear yours, though, is fine, and I'm actually glad you're doing the tutorials! More people need to see how to use Shemaghs instead of being taught by out-of-touch morons that it's some sort of exotic fashion.

Harold: Also, at least you give special consideration to your tutorials that other channels don't. Like… there's one Australian dude who pronounces it She-mAH. He barely shows how the wraps are done and just goes off to do manly things. I wonder if he drives a lifted truck…

Sure, these are merely a couple of voices that represent the majority like a fart represents a hurricane, but their voices are still valid.

That's it for me, though. In a few days, I'm going to put up another tutorial:

The Pirate!

yarrr… or something

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Shemagh Tutorial - Traditional-Style Head Covering posted on 09 Sep 2020 17:02
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Ahoy hoi! Here's another Shemagh Tutorial! This one is very easy! It's so easy, you don't even have to see it twice!

I'm still not sure what this style is called, but I do know it's closer to the traditional style of wearing a Shemagh than the other ones I'm going to start showing soon.

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I'm Not a Sports Guy, but... posted on 09 Sep 2020 16:09
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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… I do know when I'm getting played.

Check out this article from my local news station, KOLO 8:

No, that's not an advertisement, although you'll no doubt get flooded with in-page ads when you click on it. It's an example of virtue-signalling to a massive degree!

See… I live near Reno, NV, and sometimes watch college football. When Kaepernick showed up, it was a breath of fresh air because he played really damn well! When he was signed to the 49ers, he also did quite well… for the very short time he actually played. It wasn't until he got benched in favor of his replacement that the virtue signals began!

We all know the story of his rapid rise to fame and how he started sucking after four-and-a-half seasons. He was far from the best, especially toward the end. So to call him "one of the top free agents … and a starting-caliber quarterback" is a bit of a stretch, guys… especially considering that the NFL doesn't fucking want him back!

I used to respect Madden as a sports-gaming franchise, but now… now, not so much.

There's also the last bit of the article that raises a red flag for me. They use this opportunity to make a dig at Trump. I've said it before, and I'll say it again… I'm not a fan of Trump and want to see him replaced1 just as much as the next Libertarian Centrist. However, not everything has to come around and be political in this regard!

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Shemagh Tutorial - Bedouin Wrap posted on 08 Sep 2020 17:34
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Ahoy, y'all!

Man, this experiment is really godsdamned satisfying. I'm able to break my YouTube channel away from being solely rant-based and get onto some creative things!

It's already helping me get some more ideas and concepts for moving forward!

Anyway, without further ado, here's the Bedouin Wrap tutorial followed by some Tips & Tricks for wearing it!

Bedouin Wrap

Tips & Tricks

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Shemagh Tutorial - Basic Face Wrap Part Deux posted on 03 Sep 2020 22:03
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Right, so… this is actually fun!

Here's the follow-up to my first tutorial!

Coming soon: Bedouin and Ninja headwraps!

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Whoops, Accidental Cultural Appropriation! posted on 26 Aug 2020 20:56
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from none but self expect applause; He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws.
~ Sir Richard Francis Burton

So, in doing some research for my side-project, I've come across so much mixed information about whether it's okay for a non-Arab to wear a shemagh. Keep in mind, by the way, that this wasn't a topic I was actively researching, but came up enough that it warranted a closer look.

Some people don't want non-Arabs to wear a symbol of their culture. In the linked example here, the author points out this fact by quoting a friend of his on Facebook1:

Cultural identity is a sensibility deeply embedded within2. It can't be easily worn authentically by those who are not Palestinian without trampling on and co-opting for oneself the expression of Palestinian identity3. Allies are important, but true allies know their place and where their experience is limited.

Big yikes!

However, the author follows up, "If one were to purchase a keffiyeh as a show of solidarity, for the love of whatever deity you believe in (or lack thereof), avoid the knock-offs on the high street." This, to me, indicates that the author is fine with people wearing them as long as they're supporting authenticity. I'll get into my opinion on this in a moment.

In another example, this Reddit thread posted to r/arabs is interesting in a different way than above. OP here asked:

My question is, as a non-Arab, whether or not it's acceptable for me to wear it. Would it be interpreted as a show of solidarity like I mean it to be, or as a white girl just appropriating traditional Arab attire? I don't want to come across as disrespectful.

The immediate response was quite fascinating:

… I prefer seeing people wear them than the fake copies that are sold these days in all stores that are almost identical but with some generic checkered pattern. I think that's actual cultural appropriation, but with no elements of solidarity or awareness of it being done. I'm talking about the ones you can get at high street stores in London …

Another replied:

I think it's all about intent. If you want to wear it as a show of solidarity, that's awesome. You have familiarity with the culture too, that's another good reason. Personally, I do sometimes get annoyed when I see people wear it as a fashion accessory, but if that's not what you're doing, don't be worried about appearing that way.

And one more:

Sure, why not? As an Arab living in America, I wouldn't mind seeing Americans wearing it at all.

The three respondents from this example, and the author of the article from the first, are all Arabs either by nationality or ethnicity, and all gave practically the same answer. That's, at least, how I interpret it — "If you know why our culture wears it, cool! If you wear it to show support, cool! Just wear it right! Don't be a douche and treat it like a fashion statement!" — which I very much agree with!

So, it's only cultural appropriation if I wear it in a non-utility way like a fashion scarf. Otherwise, I'm using it how it was meant to be utilized, and that means you can fuck right off, Gary.

Oh, and for further advice on wearing shemaghs, watch out for colors and patterns, especially when traveling to certain regions. For example, if you wear a white/black keffiyeh with a fishnet pattern, you're asking for trouble in pro-Israel areas. That pattern, specifically made by Palestinians, is a Palestinian national symbol. Other such color combinations and patterns carry other meanings, so do your research ahead of time…

Or you could just stick with non-traditional color combinations such as OD/black, coyote brown/black, red/black, purple/black, or black/black and you should be fucking fine.

FYI: I think the concept of "cultural appropriation" is quite absurd, and only those who are too weak to stand on their own enforce societal rules based on the segregation of cultures. Think of it like this: a 49ers fan ends up at the same bar as a Raiders fan… you know the rest.

We exist in 2020, a time when the world itself has one mass culture. Hells, the USA is supposed to be a cultural melting pot.

So, Gary, I'm gonna have to ask you to get all the way off my back!

… and now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming!

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Another New Thing posted on 24 Aug 2020 06:32
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Ahoy y'all! For those of you who don't follow my YouTube channels, I'm starting on a few new projects. I've covered some of these previously, so I won't go into them. That said, I'm doing a side-project on my primary channel, Ranting Reverend, which involves quick videos on how to utilize a shemagh.

This was prompted by a few things:

  • I've been wearing shemaghs for about fifteen years now and always have at least two as part of my EDC. Also, they've become a regular conversation starter.
  • People have been directly asking me where to buy them, which brands to look for, and other similar questions that I'll answer in my side-project.
  • A few of y'all have asked me to do videos on how to tie a shemagh as well as how to care for them, other uses for them, and how to decommission one that is damaged beyond use1.

I'll cover the second part here before making my video, that way the information is readily available!

Amazon is perhaps the best and most readily useful resource for getting your hands on one of these miraculous pieces of cloth! There are three brands you'd want to look for specifically, and I'll present these in order of my personal preference:

  • Tapp Collections
  • Explore Land
  • RothCo

What's important is to purchase according to what you'll be using it for!

If you're going to use this as a face covering during Covid [or any other potential sickness], you'll want a thin, non-premium shemagh because they're made of a lighter weave. Non-premium also works somewhat well to keep dust out and wear as a head-covering to keep the sun off. They also work kinda well as a scarf. However, these are mostly reserved for warmer climates or seasons.

If you live in colder climates or your winters are especially cold, you'll want to also spend the extra couple of dollars on a premium shemagh. These tend to have a higher "thread-count" and the cross-threads are made of a slightly thicker cotton which provides better heat-regulation.

Color combinations also play a massive factor in selection because, obviously, darker colors hold more heat in. This is how the thinner shemaghs are able to work well enough in winter2! Most shemaghs come with a dark background color, generally black, with a light-colored cross-thread. However, there are some that come with grey and white background colors. RothCo flips this on its head and makes what would be the "secondary color" the primary instead. This results in a shemagh that would be black/red being red/black and looking a tad ridiculous, and I'd be lying if I said it'd irritate me to the point of not purchasing from them if not for the thickness of their cross-threads being well-rated for winter use.

A thing you'll want to watch out for, other than the above-mentioned coloration weirdness, is tassel placement. Shemags have tassels. Period. Ideally, you'll want to get a shemagh with tassels on all four sides. These tassels play an invaluable role in keeping the cross-threads consistent and taut throughout the width of the shemagh as well as provide a little extra cool-factor. No, really, they help to keep the wearer cool… let me explain — one of the primary functions of a shemagh is to fold it into a triangle, roll it around itself, dip it into water, and wrap it around your neck. Cotton is immensely efficient at evaporation, which cools the wearer, and the tassels help in this task! A good shemagh will have tassels on all four sides with a small braid at each corner. See, the primary function of the tassels, as hinted at above, is to make the shemagh easy to construct without precise cutting and sewing. The braids in the corners help prevent excessive fraying.

Keep in mind, this is just a square piece of cotton, and you could easily fashion a basic one quite easily without the use of any complex tools! Just cut yourself a 57-inch square of 100% pure cotton, making sure you keep the threads squarely in-line with the edges or things will go wonky, fray out about one-and-a-half inches of each side, tie an overhand tassel every two inches and a simple three-segmented braid at each corner. Other materials can work, but not as efficiently.

So, anyway, here's my first video on this new side-project!

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Hollywood Circlejerk (An Explanation) posted on 19 Aug 2020 23:13
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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So, this is an unfinished post-draft that I started as an explanation to something that got me in a whole heap of hot water with a project group I was involved in for about two years up to that point.

I still feel quite angry about the circumstances that led to me walking away, but not enough to throw anyone under the bus about it. That said, though, it is a strong scar that prevents me from going back to this group in any significant way… no matter how badly I want to.

I should talk to someone about it, even though the inciting incident that led to this draft being written was about a year and a quarter ago.

Since I've deleted the original post, it might be a good idea for me to finally explain my opinion on Hollywood people.

Let me preface this by saying that nothing in the following blog entry is hyperbolic or overblown. This represents accurately my position.

To be as blunt as possible, I think most of the people in Hollywood1 have an extremely distorted worldview that revolves around how they, as a group, can pretend to relate to us without actually doing so. They pretend to understand what it's like being a working-class individual without actually being working-class themselves. There are many notable exceptions to this, of course. Better yet are those who do come from the working class and criticize the system from within.

What bothers me the most about this whole thing is that Hollywood people tend to think they know what's best for the general population, whereas they actually have little to no idea about what that would entail!

It's like this… think about someone like Tom Cruise. Sure, he can portray the working man in a film or whatever. However, that's where it stops! He wouldn't know how to live paycheck to paycheck because he doesn't have to! The fact that Tom Cruise doesn't understand the struggles of the working class makes him substantially less knowledgeable on what would benefit the average American or world citizen. This is a common issue which affects many famous and affluent2 people! See the following links for examples of others pointing this out:

Hell, even one of my favorite ‘down-to-Earth’ actors, Jason Momoa, isn't exactly ‘working class’. He went to college right out of high school and fell into the modeling industry. However, he remains grounded to his family and culture. This is what sets someone like him apart. Currently, he is protesting the installation of the new telescope in Hawaii.

Aside from being out of touch with the average person, my other big gripe is the echo chamber which most Hollywood people have constructed for themselves. This applies to many aspects, not just regarding politics.

Watch any awards show. You can tell that these shows are just advertisement for a film, studio, or actress/actor. These awards aren't about talent but rather how much someone is willing to spend on winning.

That aside, every one of them treats it like something real — something earned — even though it's all bullshit. The thing is… if you look close enough, you can see through the cracks in the facade. Nowhere is this more clearly exemplified than in ‘reality shows’ that involve famous people.

For example, …

And that's it. I never finished it.

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Mask vs Non-Mask Squabbling posted on 01 Jul 2020 16:30
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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So, this happened yesterday on Facebook. A guy posted this in my town's local Facebook group1:

A heartfelt "FUCK YOU!" to all who refuse to wear a mask..

After a bunch of people threw around useless talking points compressed into "No, fuck you!" and all that, I replied with this2:

As an anti-masker, a heartfelt and friendly "Fuck you, too!"

Honestly, I don't give a shit whether or not you want to wear a mask for whatever reason you want. Just realize that there are people who don't want to participate in this social experiment any longer.

Reports from both the CDC and the WHO have indicated that masks are about as effective as a fart in a hurricane, and that people who have the virus but are asymptomatic aren't contagious.

Plus, flu season is coming up. If you wanna mask up for something, mask up for /that/ because the flu has a much higher mortality rate than this piddly-ass COVID crap.

All that said, though, I /will/ wear a mask when supporting local businesses only. Not because I'm afraid, but because I love our local businesses and don't want the owners of those businesses to suffer.

Now, there is one thing I neglected to mention here. I fully support self-quarantine. If you're afraid of catching the virus, then stay home. If you think you've contracted the virus, then stay home. However, I'm not willing to participate in the social experiment because, well, I'm not afraid of a wee cough!

I already tested positive for Coronavirus antibodies [either from contracting COVID-19 in February, SARS in 2007/2008, or both] and know what the symptoms and outcome are. My entire family passed the virus around, including my 80+ year-old mother-in-law. We were all fine, and you will be too!

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Selling Stuff and Moving Forward posted on 29 Jun 2020 17:17
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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There's an announcement at the end!

I'm not the kind of person who enjoys selling things. In fact, I most often prefer to give my old stuff away when downsizing my collections. However, my new endeavor has kinda forced my hand in a way.

See, I've already sold a number of my items so far, and I've still got a little more to go. That said, it was mostly friends who stepped up and helped me out by making these purchases, but I still feel a twinge of guilt in selling to them.

In return, they will receive specially-made hand-forged items periodically from me as both a debt of gratitude and an apology1. For example, one of my friends is into woodworking. The thing I'll make for her is a kiridashi2 to help her out! Another of my friends is into horror and slasher movies, so I'll make a miniature machete or something she can wear as a necklace or earring!

My point is that I'm the kind of person to pay things forward, and as one who prides himself on being a teacher, my gratitude will extend as far as offering an apprenticeship to one of my friends once I reach a level where I can take on an apprentice at no charge. This is aside from the fact that my shop, in four years' time, will be turned into a teaching shop where I will offer lessons on the basics of blacksmithing and bladesmithing.

So, to the announcement!

Thanks to the generosity of my friends, I'm able to place the order on my first propane forge this coming Thursday, and I'll have enough money left over to buy some necessary tools, wood to make my anvil stand, some steel to work with, a bottle or two of propane, and repair some of my camera equipment!

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A Dark Place posted on 16 Jun 2020 16:52
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Let me preface this by stating that I'm not sure what's going on with me at the moment. I know that I have my dark days — days where I don't care about anything or anyone, days where I just can't be bothered to even care about work, days where I want to sit at home and not to a godsdamned thing. This is one of those days on steroids.

Today started normally. I woke up at 0615, turned on the RAD Radio app for the livestream of this morning's show, went out to have a smoke, took a shower. While I was in the shower, though, I ended up having a stream of thoughts that beat any semblance of positivity toward the day to a bloody pulp. The problem is that I can't even remember what those thoughts were.

The wife and I commuted into town. Typical shitty commute with morons weaving in and out of lanes, looking at their cellphones instead of the road, and all-sround being ignorant pieces of trash. As it's a Tuesday, I dropped the wife off at her workplace and took the truck to my workplace with a stop-off in an empty parking lot to have a smoke before showing up to work. This usually makes me feel better and relieves the stress from the commute. It did not.

I ended up feeling sick to my stomach. So sick, in fact, that I had to sit down to finish the cigarette. I drove to work. Where was all of this coming from?

On the average day, my job isn't a very demanding one. I sit in my office, receive and respond to e-mails, make phone calls, process payroll, and do a little sales here and there. Today, everyone I've spoken with1 has noted how absolutely deadpan I sound today.

I'm in such a place of apathy where if something demands my attention, it only serves to irritate me further. Even the fact that I have to get up and walk the short distance from my office to the building's restroom in a few minutes pisses me off.

Just two minutes ago from the time of starting this paragraph, during a cigarette, I put on some light music and attempted to go into a deep-thought state.

Then it hit me.
Everything is bothering me today.

This likely stems from the fact that everything going on in the world right now demands a stance of non-neutrality. One must choose one side or another, and that's just not me. I don't do teams. Fuck your team.

Do you support black lives? Blue lives? 2A rights? Fuckin' brothels on the moon? Good for you! I don't care, and you can't make me care. Society's gonna try, though, isn't it?

Well, fuck that, too.

The fact that this duality is growing is what's pissing me off because they're reaching into the center and forcing people like me to take a side… to pick a team, and it's come for me as well.

Fox, you're a Person of Color! Why don't you stand with Black Lives Matter?

Fuck your team, that's why.

Fox, you love guns! Why don't you join the Pro2A?

Fuck your team, that's why.

Fox, you're an avid supporter of law enforcement! Why don't you stand with Blue Lives Matter?

Fuck your team, that's why.

I can believe in these ideologies without having to join their team. About the only thing I would protest right now is the fact that more and more mask mandates, fear-mongering articles, overblown statistics, and other such bullshits are sliding down the chute, and more and more Americans are lining up at the socially-distanced bullshit buffet.


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Sell Your Motorcycle posted on 15 Jun 2020 17:45
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Well… This is new.

I've been taking a long, deep look into my life and the hobbies I have. In my vast collection of hobbies, I have:
  • A small but serious collection of guitars and other musical instruments.
  • A large collection of RP books.
  • A shitload of computers.
  • Boxes and stacks of classic computer games.
  • One truly achievable goal that I'm willing to sacrifice all of the above for.

Now, one of my earliest aspirations in life was to become a famous musician. I was a stupid kid with a stupid dream. My journey into music took me down some interesting paths, of course! I've been in a few bands, played a few shows, and made a little money. However, due to physical limitations from nerve damage on my left side, I'm unable to improve beyond just a plunk and strum. Aside from that, almost all of my guitars haven't been played for over a decade. Dust collectors.

I have RP books for systems my guild doesn't even play! Fourth Edition D&D is crap to me, WoD is overly complicated for AP Podcasting, Exalted is not complex enough, Warhammer is… Warhammer. There are maybe 60 RP books on my nerd-shelf that I have either never cracked open or have used once. Dust collectors.

My collection of computers is specific to the various tasks and nostalgic games. Why do I have three DOS-capable systems when I only need one? Why do I have multiple dead Dell Optiplex computers? Why do I keep every dead laptop I've ever owned? Dust collectors.

Now, the nostalgic videogames don't take up all that much space. Maybe two full drawers in my desk and that's it. Not dust collectors because I actually go to them when I wanna unwind.

My one truly achievable goal, however, is something that it finally within reach! Well, more specifically, the beginning of the journey is within reaching distance. I've established a six-year plan that will take up a lot more time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears than any of the above.

I'm finally setting everything aside, selling prized possessions, and making personal sacrifices to become a blacksmith.

Within three years, I can go from being an Apprentice1 to being a Journeyman. From that point, it's a two-year process to become a Master. From there, my goal is to enter Forged in Fire2 and at least make it to the third round and hear Doug Marcaida say that my blade "will KEAL!"

The title of this post, by the way, is a quote from Master Blacksmith Jason Knight in the video below. This interview is what really lit a fire under my ass3. Also, no… I'm not selling my motorcycle. I don't even have a fuckin' motorcycle. If I did, though… shit, I'd sell it in a heartbeat right now! Hells, I'd be willing to sell part of a kidney!

Stay tuned. I'll be posting photo and video updates on building the forge, getting an anvil, and setting up my shop space.

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Update on the New Project posted on 28 Apr 2020 19:02
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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The YouTube channel and Facebook page for Knotty Fox have been created!

These are the first steps in what I hope will be an important project. An introductory video will be uploaded to the YouTube channel by Friday, and I will establish a regular uploading schedule as soon as I can.

Anyway, here are the links:

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Hard-Banned from Facebook posted on 27 Apr 2020 16:08
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Well, I can't say I'm shocked, but…

… I am a little stunned by the sheer big-brain-power of the algorithm1 in this situation. The image I shared was a painting of Rudolf Hess, editor of Mein Kampf, with the words, "This is Rudolf Hess. He edited Mein Kampf for Adolf Hitler. That makes him the first grammar Nazi." This is fairly non-offensive.

What bothers me about this is the image was in my Memories feed!

Prior to this, I'd taken a hiatus from Facebook which, for all intents and purposes, was the best decision I've made in a while. I'd still log on and browse to see what people were up to but didn't interact. I felt good, less stressed, and operated in a more honest mode than I had done for a while.

To make a long ramble short, this hard-ban is not a big deal for me. I'm not one of those people who stores all their memories online anyway. There's a topic for another day! My opinion on web-dependent individuals.

Anyway, y'all have a decent one. Try not to catch the Commie Cough.

EDIT: It's been confirmed. I have been completely scrubbed from Facebook.

Wow. I've never felt so liberated after being un-personed.

Thumbs-up, Facebook. Your fascism reaches ever-further.

Oh, also they want a photo of my ID in order for me to contact them. What a fucking crock.

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New YouTube Channel Coming Soon posted on 17 Apr 2020 22:53
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Knotty Fox's Knotty News

Coming soon.

So, a couple of ideas came to me over the last couple of days. One of these ideas was related to improving my skills as a graphic designer, and I'll talk about that later. The other idea was for a new YouTube channel.

Knotty Fox has been a business name of mine for about two years now. Under that name, I've been making and selling paracord bracelets, boat fenders, key fobs, and doing custom steering-wheel wraps as well as showing others how to work with cordage. The wife and I were talking about ropework around Disneyland a couple of days ago, and I indicated that I'd like to spend an afternoon taking as many photos of this ropework as possible so I can put together a database1 for other marlinspikers who, like me, enjoy Disneyland. My secondary mission is to interview a Cast Member who is responsible for repairing and redressing the ropes.

We discussed this for a while and tossed around the idea of doing a deep-dive on media to analyze and review ropework in movies, TV, and video games. This seemed like a great idea! I mean, it probably won't be all that popular of a show idea, but it should be somewhat interesting. This review show would go over analysis of the knots2, the knot's uses, a little history behind it3, and a tutorial4 to how to make that particular knot. My first review will be the classic Pirates of the Caribbean.

The second show concept is a little more down-to-earth. It'll be related to nautical-themed home decor and have tutorials or linked tutorials. Things like:

  • How to add beautiful ropework to your garden with the Japanese Square Lashing and a fuckload of bamboo staves or dowels.
  • How to make a rope handrail for your staircase.
  • How to make rope coasters and mats.
  • How to make a rope wreath for the holiday season.
  • How to make custom chain-pulls and string-stoppers.

My biggest fear is the whole concept of, "How to Draw Owl. Step 1: draw two circles. Step 2: draw the rest of the fucking owl."

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Blood Pressure and Coronavirus posted on 16 Mar 2020 16:15
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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My blood pressure is so high right now that I feel like I'm running a fever.

There's this gigantic ball of rage building up inside me that I'm about ready to blow over this coronavirus hysteria. Between stores shutting down, schools and government office closing, and the fact that I can't do my normal grocery shopping, things are getting out of hand.

Yesterday, we found out that our governor called for the closure of schools until April 6th. We also tried getting our usual groceries for the week1 to find out that people have panic-shopped our local grocery store2 completely bare. Today, I found out that half the casinos in Las Vegas have shut down, and that's a good ~75% of Nevada's revenue!

Our governor is considering mandatory quarantine!

Four stores in Lake Tahoe have been broken into and ransacked. I'm waiting for that to trickle down to Carson City and Reno. When that happens, the panic will spread even further out, and people will do this to the small-town grocery and budget stores.

See, I'm not panicked over the virus. That is nothing to me at the moment! However, I am panicking over the sociological implications of all this panic. People are letting all this get to them on a fundamental basis and allowing themselves to panic.

Worse still are the morons who are making up conspiracy theories about the whole thing. These fairy-tales range from political control to eschatology. These are the morons that scare me.

Eh, fuck it. When this all blows over, things will go right back to normal.

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A New Thing posted on 27 Feb 2020 00:51
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Entry #1 in my new journal.
Mouse over to enlarge.


Entry #2 in my new journal.
Mouse over to enlarge.


BONUS: Working on a project's soundtrack. 1/2
Mouse over to enlarge.


BONUS: Working on a project's soundtrack. 2/2
Mouse over to enlarge.

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Dreams and Their Consequences posted on 11 Feb 2020 08:18
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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As you've seen, I have some fucking strange dreams which I remember quite vividly, and I do remember mentioning my repeated forays into various iterations of my hometown, Fallon, NV, but haven't gone too deep into them. I'll have to do that later, but suffice to say that the overall logistical and infrastructural maps of Fallon don't really change between iterations1.

Today, though, I'll write about last night's dream. Shock of all shocks, it took place in a new iteration of Fallon.

Setting Description:

This iteration of Fallon seems to be based on one that I've been dreaming in since about 2007, just after moving out of Fallon into Carson City, NV, that I refer to as Industrial Fallon. I named that iteration as such because it was 90% industrial zones with an arcology built vertically from the Downtown strip which housed the town's entire population. This new one, however, I'm going to call Deconstructed Industrial Fallon because, for whatever reason, the industries there failed, and the people moved out of the arcology and converted all the warehouses, factories, and other such facilities into apartments, homes, marketplaces, and the like.

It's a semi-futuristic setting, but technology really hasn't changed much.


Most of the content of my dream is inconsequential as it dealt with the day-to-day normality. Whenever I have a Fallon Dream, it usually has the sort of mundane world-building one would expect from the expositional portion of a sci-fi flick. Me, my wife, and her son owned and operated a farmer's marketplace.

See, when I dream, I get high levels of detail. For example, smells, tastes, and so on are things that I regularly remember. I also see reflections of myself on smooth surfaces.

Where it became fucking weird was upon returning home. We lived in a large apartment built within a former factory located on the corner of Keddie St and N Maine St, and the apartment had dark-brown shag carpet and the old dark-brown faux wood paneling walls.

I had gone into the bathroom to change my clothes while the wife and her son went into the living room to watch TV. When I looked in the mirror above the sink2, I noticed that my face was completely different in many ways:

  • Bichromatic Eyes
    • Right eye was bright blue, left was bright green
  • Scraggly blond hair and long, thinning beard.
  • Smaller eyes.
  • Lower cheekbones.
  • Skinnier features.

This is where real, physical panic set in3. I leaned a little to my right to look into a different section of mirror and noticed that my face was normal. However, when I looked back into the original mirror segment, I saw my face with one eye and the other face in my other eye4 overlaid. The only point where the overlays matched up5 was the birthmark on the tip of my nose. I screamed "Help me!" and ran toward the living room. When the wife and her son looked at me, I noticed that something was off, but I couldn't identify what it was. At this point, my panic was at its height.

I snapped awake at this moment. My head was throbbing so hard that I could hear it, and at some point during the night, I twitched hard and hurt my back.

The rest of the day was a slow, pain-filled slog, and I just couldn't keep focus on anything without becoming agitated or tired. The migraine went away at first, but it throbbed back into existence right in the middle of my work day.

Disconnected memory from the dream, though, and completely out of context — "If you leave through the front door, I will know. I don't want to end you just yet."

Even now that I'm just thinking about the nightmare, my head is starting to throb.

ETA: I went back to my dream journal and noted something odd that I forgot to mention here. When I screamed for help, it was if I did so with two voices.

I'm currently discussing this dream with some friends and will make a new post when I have a working set of theories.

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The Storyteller's Disease posted on 07 Feb 2020 16:49
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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I've long known that one of my super-powers is the ability to weave a story out of nothing. This often plays into my second super-power — being a smartass.

However, for the most part, when I weave a quick story, it's often not meant to be a smartass moment! It's literally my mind relieving creative pressure with the secondary goal of entertaining whoever is listening to me talk. In the case of my previous post, for example, I knew that the person I was talking to has a dark sense of humor and is entertained by the concept of minor distortions in media history1.

There's another reason why I do it, though. I can't actually stop myself from doing it. When I do try to stop myself, I become nervous. Anxiety kicks in. I feel awkward and start to stutter. If I still force myself to suppress the urge, I inevitably end up suffering from a migraine. Thankfully, though, there's a way around it by telling myself that I'll include this in a written story or an RP session's writing.

I do consider this to be a disease or, in the very least, a psychological disorder because I can't think in straight lines. What I mean by this is my patterns of thought are always narrative-driven devices! For example:
Task Normal Thought My Mind
Get Milk "I need to get milk on my way home." "There is an empty space shaped like a milk carton on a shelf in my refrigerator. That space must be filled! Let's see, I pass [LIST OF GROCERY STORES] on my way home, one of which is the place where I must venture to for this bovine-created sustenance."
Eat Food "I'm hungry. What should I eat?" "Fool! If you do not put sustenance into your body, you will begin to shrivel and die!"
Get Gas "Well, shit. My gas light came on. Time to find a gas station!" "Fuck, we're almost out of gas. It is many miles to the nearest fueling station, and there are many others who will be vying for a spot to claim their paid portion of this resource!"

Here's the thing… I try not to explain things because my narrative devices will kick in and become confusing for the listener. It's not so bad, though, when I explain things because the narrative devices take a back seat, but I still go on a short stroll through the metaphorical woods. However, if I'm among friends or people who know me, I generally don't hold it back because, again, it entertains them.

Do you have this urge?

If so, tell me about it in the comments!

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My Favorite Game Show posted on 06 Feb 2020 07:42
Posted by: Reverend FoxReverend Fox
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Yesterday, I was out back of my work having a smoke with one of my coworkers when, quite suddenly, she pointed at a black plastic bag sticking unceremoniously out of a snow pile. More specifically, this is a pile of snow which is generated by clearing out a Wal-Mart parking lot with a 'dozer.

She asked if I thought it was, "a garbage bag or discarded human remains." Here was my response:

Honestly, this feels like a moment from my all-time favorite early-two-thousands' game show, Trash or Human Remains. It was on every Thursday at 2:30AM on NBC. You don't remember? It was hosted by Alex Trebek! No?

Oh, come on, you gotta remember the pilot episode, at least! It was the most famous one! Alex lead a strike force into an abandoned warehouse where they found an open mass-grave piled with black contractor bags. The only contestant, SF-Leader Bravo Unicorn, correctly guessed the contents of each and every bag! Still nothing? He won an all-expense trip to Auschwitz courtesy of General Electric's Time and Date Division! He was so happy to be there that nobody's heard from him since! Not even his blurry family was allowed to join him. Very exclusive prize.

She then said, "So, it's probably garbage. Nice story, though!"

Eh, I have my moments.

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